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Here you will find a collection-- currently under construction-- of my fanfiction, and perhaps other assorted odds and ends.

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Transformative works policy:

You don't need my permission, because this is fanfiction to begin with! You can bet I didn't get it ;)

However, to clarify, I nevertheless give my enthusiastic permission to anyone who would like to remix, transform, or build upon my fic in any of the ways that we as a fan community transform canons. That includes but is not limited to: podfic, translation, printing out, fanart, fanmixes, vids, moodboards, and further fanfiction based on my work.

I do not grant permission for reposting my work, or the creation of transformative works of my work that you profit off of (including online platforms such as patreon or ko-fi.)

If you do create something based on my work, please let me know!

My fanfiction

Much of the work listed below contains explicit sexual activity; all of it, including that which does not contain explicit sex, is "adult" in the sense of being written by an adult and, hopefully, appealing to adult perspectives on the world. Anyone who considers themselves capable of assuming such perspectives, regardless of chronological age, is welcome to read it.

If you have questions about these stories or any of the content therein, feel free to email me at or send me a message on Dreamwidth and I will do my best to help you out!


Hannibal and HEU

Stories about death:
Stories about music:
Bedelia stories:
Stories in which Bedelia du Maurier physically, emotionally, sexually or spiritually crushes people
Other Bedelia stuff
Abigail stories:
Coronavirus stories:
Stories in some way involving the 2020 US presidential election:
Kinkmeme fills
Short AUs:
Short post-S3 works:
Missing scenes, etc:
Other Hannibal Extended Universe stories:

Good Omens